CSTM1983 26935921 CSTM1983 Custom Upholstery Spencer Loveseat

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Images Color/Type Model Price
Hilo Graphite CSTM1983 25825808 $849
Hilo Midnite CSTM1983 25825809 $849
Hilo Rattan CSTM1983 25825810 $849
Hilo Seagull CSTM1983 25825811 $849
Trillion Saffron CSTM1983 25825812 $849
Lizzy Graphite CSTM1983 25825813 $849
Lizzy Hemp CSTM1983 25825814 $849
Lizzy Linen CSTM1983 25825815 $849
Lizzy Surf CSTM1983 25825816 $849
Ranger Twill Earth CSTM1983 25825817 $849
Ranger Twill Flame CSTM1983 25825818 $849
Ranger Twill Indigo CSTM1983 25825819 $849
Ranger Twill Mink CSTM1983 25825820 $849
Bevin Chinchilla CSTM1983 25825802 $849
Bevin Driftwood CSTM1983 25825803 $849
Draft Turquoise CSTM1983 25825804 $849
Bull Natural CSTM1983 25825805 $849
Classic Bleach White CSTM1983 25825806 $849
Hilo Flax CSTM1983 25825807 $849
Draft Ivory CSTM1983 26935901 $849
Bayou Spray CSTM1983 26935902 $849
Bayou Tangelo CSTM1983 26935903 $849
Bayou Sunshine CSTM1983 26935904 $849
Hanover Concrete CSTM1983 26935905 $849
Capri Dove CSTM1983 26935906 $849
Curious Silver CSTM1983 26935907 $849
Curious Pearl CSTM1983 26935908 $849
Curious Eclipse CSTM1983 26935909 $849
Lizzy Kiwi CSTM1983 26935910 $849
Tibby Linen CSTM1983 26935911 $849
Tibby Pewter CSTM1983 26935912 $849
Barkweave Indigo CSTM1983 26935913 $849
Pebble Ivory CSTM1983 26935914 $849
Pebble Greystone CSTM1983 26935915 $849
Pebble Berrycrush CSTM1983 26935916 $849
Trixie Linen CSTM1983 26935917 $849
Shack Pewter CSTM1983 26935918 $849
Shack Biscuit CSTM1983 26935919 $849
Shack Cocoa CSTM1983 26935920 $849
Shack Gunmetal CSTM1983 26935921 $849

Product Features

Wayfair Custom Upholstery CSTM1983 26935921 Spencer Loveseat CSTM1983

Spencer Loveseat Color: Shack Gunmetal
Featuring track arms, mid-century-inspired tapered feet, and a streamlined silhouette, the Spencer Loveseat is an inviting seat with inspired style. Loose box cushions offer a relaxed appeal that makes your space feel more inviting. Two matching throw…

Brand : Wayfair Custom Upholstery
Model : CSTM1983 25825808, CSTM1983 25825809, CSTM1983 25825810, CSTM1983 25825811, CSTM1983 25825812, CSTM1983 25825813, CSTM1983 25825814, CSTM1983 25825815, CSTM1983 25825816, CSTM1983 25825817, CSTM1983 25825818, CSTM1983 25825819, CSTM1983 25825820, CSTM1983 25825802, CSTM1983 25825803, CSTM1983 25825804, CSTM1983 25825805, CSTM1983 25825806, CSTM1983 25825807, CSTM1983 26935901, CSTM1983 26935902, CSTM1983 26935903, CSTM1983 26935904, CSTM1983 26935905, CSTM1983 26935906, CSTM1983 26935907, CSTM1983 26935908, CSTM1983 26935909, CSTM1983 26935910, CSTM1983 26935911, CSTM1983 26935912, CSTM1983 26935913, CSTM1983 26935914, CSTM1983 26935915, CSTM1983 26935916, CSTM1983 26935917, CSTM1983 26935918, CSTM1983 26935919, CSTM1983 26935920, CSTM1983 26935921
SKU : CSTM1983
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Price Range: $600 – $850
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Color/Type : Hilo Graphite, Hilo Midnite, Hilo Rattan, Hilo Seagull, Trillion Saffron, Lizzy Graphite, Lizzy Hemp, Lizzy Linen, Lizzy Surf, Ranger Twill Earth, Ranger Twill Flame, Ranger Twill Indigo, Ranger Twill Mink, Bevin Chinchilla, Bevin Driftwood, Draft Turquoise, Bull Natural, Classic Bleach White, Hilo Flax, Draft Ivory, Bayou Spray, Bayou Tangelo, Bayou Sunshine, Hanover Concrete, Capri Dove, Curious Silver, Curious Pearl, Curious Eclipse, Lizzy Kiwi, Tibby Linen, Tibby Pewter, Barkweave Indigo, Pebble Ivory, Pebble Greystone, Pebble Berrycrush, Trixie Linen, Shack Pewter, Shack Biscuit, Shack Cocoa, Shack Gunmetal

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CSTM1983 26935921 CSTM1983 Wayfair Custom Upholstery Spencer Loveseat

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